Here at 3D Body Sculpt Bromsgrove, we offer a variety of different non-surgical treatments to sculpt your body and face. Our 3D RF treatment is a kind of radiofrequency treatment used for tackling cellulite. The technology applied means that we are able to target fat cells through the use of radio waves. Our use of this treatment is high-quality, safe, and affordable.

Radio waves are electromagnetic currents that have a frequency of between 104 to 1011 or 1012. What this means for you, in terms of your treatment, that these radio waves form heat as the handpiece is held over your desired area by one of our qualified beauty therapists. The heat is contained for approximately three to five minutes as the therapist will move the device in a circular motion. This will then allow the fat cells to be targeted. Unable to take this heat, tiny pores are shown in the cell wall, which allows the fat to escape, meaning that the fat cells shrink in size.

As well as decreasing the fat cells, it also has an added bonus of tightening skin on the whole. This is because as the collagen fibres contract, the metabolism of the fibroblast increases. In turn, this accelerates the production of new collagen fibres and elastin fibres. Aside from the technical and scientific side, what this means for our clients is that your skin will appear smoother and younger when targeting with this 3D RF treatment.

In order to benefit from the best results possible, we recommend that our customers book a course of between six to eight sessions. Get in touch today to arrange your consultation.